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Teddy Heinen

HTB University Quals 2021

I played with ret2rev and we placed 38th! Great CTF; I appreciated the theme and the challenges were well designed. I've included writeups for the rev challenges I solved.

CSAW Finals CTF 2021

I played CSAW finals with idek; we placed 17th overall and 5th in the US. I mostly worked on rev (not a single solved pwn </3) which is a bit different than my usual but I certainly had a good time!

CSAW Quals CTF 2021

I competed in CSAW Quals with ret2rev. We ended in 88th place overall and 17th in the qualifying brackets (US Students). I've included writeups for the challenges I solved and thought were interesting enough to write about.

corCTF 2021

I competed with ret2rev and placed in 98th place! I wrote these all in the last 20 minutes of the ctf and went to go get food so it's a little brief.

m0lecon 2021 Teaser

I competed in the teaser solo, ending up in 23rd place (dropped 13 places while sleeping rip). I solved the majority of the pwn challenges (fortran :( ) and have included solve scripts and brief explanations for them. Wasn't really feeling like in-depth writeups, but it should be sufficient to get an idea of the solution and you're welcome to contact me if you have questions.

picoMini by redpwn

I competed in picoCTF's 2021 mini-competition with the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club as ret2rev and we placed in sixth place. I worked on the binary exploitation challenges and solved five of the six total. Fun challenges, glad I competed. Writeups are below.