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Teddy Heinen

HTB Uni CTF 2020

A couple weeks back I competed in HackTheBox's university CTF with a few other students from the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club. We placed in 37th place out of a few hundred.

Advent of Code 2020

Advent of Code is a yearly coding event which takes place in December. Every day we get a new short programming exercise with a cute christmas themed story. Historically I've had a lot of fun solving them but the difficulty increases with every day and i've never finished. I'm pretty invested in finishing this year so we'll see how far I get! I'll update this every few days or so once i'm satisfied with my solution but if you'd like to see up-to-date information all of my solutions are on GitHub

picoCTF Fall 2020 Mini

In October 2020 picoCTF put on a month long mini competition to celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. I solved all the challenges and made writeups for them all.

Google CTF 2020

Google CTF was put on by (as you might expect) Google in August 2020. I competed with the Texas A&M Cybersecurity club and have included writeups for the challenges I helped solve below.


SMC3 was a CTF put on by the University of North Georgia and there were 14 students from each of the six senior military colleges competing. I had a good time competing and I ended up placing in 3rd place! I've included my writeups for the majority of challenges which I completed.